It started with a kiss…

How KissAway Wipes came to be.

Like most great products, KissAway Wipes was an idea born out of necessity.  Here, Kelly Hediger, founder and CEO of KissAway LLC, tells the story in her own words.

“Crazy, but I start each work day with a fountain Coke from a local convenience store.  For years, I noticed my lipstick on my straw.  Even though I was dressed and well-groomed, I knew that was not pretty. 

“And I heard my husband complain, and my girlfriends complain, that it was so darn hard to get lipstick off their wine glasses and coffee cups.  Even when put through the dishwasher, clean glasses still have lipstick on them.  So not so clean and not ready-to-serve, right?

”Well the final straw, (pardon the irony,) came when I was home, entertaining guests, and I handed off a fresh glass of wine that clearly had lipstick residue on it from a previous party.  Terrible!  Embarrassing!  But motivating…

“That was when the concept of KissAway Wipes was born.  After many hours of kitchen-testing possible formulas, to interviewing bartenders, banquet managers and consumers, I came up with a solution.  KissAway Wipes.  They’re easy.  Affordable.  And as a bonus, all-natural.  They save time. And quite frankly, save you (and me!) from embarrassing situations. You just swipe your stained glass with a KissAway Wipe before regular cleaning.  And ta-dum!  You can kiss that lipstick problem goodbye forever!” 

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